2 Min. Tips

Some of our own 'newbie' tips along with advice & more from anyone already experiencing 'life on the road!'

Bin There Done That!
Travelling in a caravan full-time - even for short trips - is a constant 'compromise' (Brian's favourite word!)...

And recently we were noticing more flies than usual INSIDE the van... especially after we had installed a magnetic curtain from Bunnings to allow the most spoilt Toy Poodle that ever lived, easy access when she wants to go in and out of the van.

Result?... The 'swinging lid' bin now lives outside!
No Need For Speed! Ken Wilson - Truck Friendly Program

How fast is too fast?

Especially when towing a caravan. And what speed can we do towing a van over a specific weight when the signs say '110Kmh' allowed?

Ken Wilson - founder of the national Truck Friendly Program has some great answers no matter which state you live in.

Includes full transcript if you prefer to read.



Caravan Finance  Tips

Have you been thinking about getting a new or second hand caravan to start exploring this amazing country of ours called Australia now that we’re able to travel a bit more?

But before getting too excited at the idea, do you really know if you can afford it?... And is it possible to get some financial advice literally ’FREE’ before actually committing to a loan? …

PLUS you just might be amazed at what financial information banks & others lenders have about you… We’ve got some inside information you’ve probably never even thought of…. .


Carbon Monoxide - The Silent Killer with Ken Wilson

Are you one of the many families, couples and singles currently enjoying a more mobile lifestyle?
Congratulations – we love it it too – and like you we’re constantly learning – for example do you have a carbon monoxide alarm?

We do – but didn’t realise how this invisible, odourless gas can have a delayed impact on a person causing them to crash after falling asleep while driving.

The brave couple who survived the ordeal wanted their tale told in the hope others would avoid making the same mistake.

Ken Wilson from the Truck Friendly Education Program updates us on their story & gives a timely reminder for everyone to get a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted!

Towball Vs Jockey Wheel Weight


We recently posted a story & video about a mobile weighing service called Weight Safe – based on the Fraser Coast in QLD.

They’re also part of a national mobile weighing service called MobileWeighbridges.com.au.

They measured Ken Wilson’s rig – you know the Truck Friendly  program bloke – and gave us all a LOT of things to think about with regard to caravan and car weights.

They also wanted to make sure we all understood the difference between measuring a tow-ball weight and a jockey wheel weight and what’s the difference and why some people don’t quite understand – here’s Jason Fothergill from WeightSafe to explain…

Blokes & Sheilas Public Loos!

Did you know there's actually an app created by the government where you can find public toilets? - More on that shortly!...

Now whether travelling full-time or not, being on the road for several hours a day often means we need a 'comfort break'  - especially as we all get (hmm hmm... clears throat) a bit older! :-) Of course it does depend on a few things.

If just travelling the eastern coastal roads mostly, there are usually a number of rest stops conveniently located along the way often with amenities - some better than others of course! - or service stations where you can also get some extra fuel or a snack.

Crackers Clearout

Includes a Short Video Version...
Kaye & I were checking out a few Facebook groups recently and saw a number of posts showing how much extra ‘stuff’ we all can and do carry. It’s a real eye opener when you realise what we do collect – especially if full-time on the road. 
And as one post said people have pretty big caravans these days with plenty of storage and it’s so easy to just go on adding stuff.”

How true! – In fact the previous owners of our van (a New Age OZ Classic 20) actually said “don’t be tempted to fill up all the cupboards with stuff!”

So the question is… ‘how do we keep track of all the things we have and when is enough – ENOUGH… !?’

Babinda QLD

If the names ‘Demc & Lotus’ resonate with you – especially if you’ve had some caravan repairs or servicing done in the Far North QLD area, then you’ll know who we’re talking about… Yep!... ‘Babinda Mobile Caravan Repairs’.

During our extended stay at the Cool Waters Caravan Park in Cairns recently we had an unknown water leak just under our stove. A bit of research and we realized we didn’t actually have to hitch up and go to a dealer or caravan repair facility – they could come to us!

But Cairns is a 50min drive from Babinda – are they serious??

Crackers Clearout

Whether you're planning the big lap, down-sizing the house to something smaller or just need to de-clutter all that junk we somehow seem to collect, there is an alternative to hiring a skip or taking load after load to the dump!

During our own de-cluttering before we headed off to what is now our 'life on the road  full-time' Brian had a quick chat with Nathan McCracken to find out more about 'Crackers Clearout'...

Learn more: www.crackersclearout.com.au 


OZ Smart Things - GPS Trackers

With plenty of families AND grey & blond 'nomads' hitting the road these days there's been a marked increase in the number of caravans, campervans & motorhomes being stolen. Chains, tow-ball locks and wheels clamps might deter a few low-lifes but what about a GPS?... If your much loved (& very expensive) investment goes missing you'll know about it right away plus you;ll be able to notify the police exactly where it is in real time...

We asked Tech expert Calum Sugden from OZ Smart Things to explain some of the benefits of using a GPS tracker.

Learn more: www.ozsmartthings.com.au 


Planning A Trip To Mars?

The headline says it... we think! – Anyone who has a motorhome, caravan, camper, or even a tent and backpack knows exactly what it’s like to ‘get ready’ for a trip longer than a few days!

It makes us think about those planning to go to Mars or even the moon (which btw is only a few days from here!)

Mars on the other hand is around 6-7 months approximately. So let’s be a little more realistic, round it up to 300 days and convert that into say 30 (days).

So from '7 months 'on the road' with no way of replenishing supplies (except maybe fuel if you are moving from place to place). We've downsized to (say) 30 days - a whole month!