Did you know there's actually an app created by the government where you can find public toilets? - More on that shortly!...

Now whether travelling full-time or not, being on the road for several hours a day often means we need a 'comfort break'  - especially as we all get (hmm hmm... clears throat) a bit older! :-) Of course it does depend on a few things.

If just travelling the eastern coastal roads mostly, there are usually a number of rest stops conveniently located along the way often with amenities - some better than others of course! - or service stations where you can also get some extra fuel or a snack.

And if you're lucky enough to have a caravan fitted with an en-suite well basically you've got your own facility right there!

But there are literally thousands of people travelling with camper-trailers or just a 4WD all nicely packed up so that even if they did have a porta-loo, it's probably safely tucked away in the trailer or back of the ute!


But the fact is that Doctors recommend you ALWAYS drive with an empty bladder. Why? well one of the reasons is it can 'distract' you when you need to be concentrating 100% on driving. And while it's good to have a cool drink handy along the way, that in itself can be a distraction and strictly speaking is illegal - unless stopped for a break of course!

But the biggest reason is that if you have an accident, your bladder may burst creating a very serious medical issue if not treated almost immediately!

Now it's one thing to do what we call a 'tinkle' in the bushes (#1's) but it's another to do #2's there - especially if you then leave your used toilet paper behind! - You did use toilet paper didn't you? :-)

So what's the solution?... Well as nurses will tell you ... "The solution to pollution is dilution" - but let's face it, we DON'T want to pollute anywhere in the first place. Of course if you 'urgently' have to, then yes, when ya gotta go ya gotta go!

But PLEASE - do like dog owners are asked to do...PICK UP YA POO! - Of course if you have a dog then you should already have some plastic 'poo bags'. If you're not travelling with a dog, then why not buy some poo bags from a pet shop or supermarket and keep them 'just in case'.

Ok - Doggy poo bags might just be for emergencies, but if - for some medical reason perhaps - you need to have reasonable access to toilet facilities, then guess what? - Our government has created a resource for just that... It's called the National Public Toilet Map - a project of the National Continence Program.

You can plan your trips via the various public facilities available - store them for future use & more! There's an app available on Google Play & The App Store

So hopefully now you can travel this great country of ours with a little bit more peace of mind knowing where and when you can stop. Safe travels...

(c) Brian Pickering - 2020