Travelling in a caravan full-time - even for short trips - is a constant 'compromise' (Brian's favourite word!)...

And recently we were noticing more flies than usual INSIDE the van... especially after we had installed a magnetic curtain from Bunnings to allow the most spoilt Toy Poodle that ever lived, easy access when she wants to go in and out of the van.

Result?... The 'swinging lid' bin now lives outside!

K-Mart Flip-Top BinAnd the small K-Mart 'Flip-Top' bin (which closes completely) - a whole $5.50 - sits on the kitchen bench and has already saved us heaps in terms of aerosols used & of course is more environmentally friendly etc... We simply empty the small bin into the larger bin when required then empty the bigger one every few days!

Gee.. it's only taken us 2 years to come up with this!

So what's the Magnetic Fly Screen all about? - Well our little girl is  getting on in years and needs to go and 'empty' multiple times a day and often at night, so we did some researching and found some people had used the curtain with great success - not only making it quieter & easier for people to go in and out of the van but also much easier for dogs (mostly!).

But WARNING!... we now only use the magnetic fly-screen during the day!

Why?... well if you take a few minutes and have a listen to this short podcast, we explain how we managed to let the local mice into the van by leaving it open through the night.. and we're not the only ones!
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