If you're like us you've probably been driving for quite a few years now. In fact we've both been fortunate enough to have also driven in several other countries including Papua New Guinea (Brian/licence) Australia, the USA, Spain, France and New Zealand.

No doubt we've both been VERY lucky with only having to change a flat tyre once in all that time!

Additionally we've NEVER ever had to think about checking if our wheel nuts were tight and ok for any trip!


Checking wheel nuts eh?... Don’t they just ‘stay on’?Well it seems they don’t – especially on caravans because one of the first things we were taught (by professionals at the Tow Ed course as well as the various forums online) is that checking your van’s wheel nuts will pretty much ensure they actually stay on!

This was also backed up recently at our Henty 'Off-Grid' event with the New Age Tribe! 

And it would seem it’s not just being on the road that might loosen them. Yep… some people will actually loosen them for you ‘just for fun’ – especially if you’re free-camping and maybe go away for a few hours and leave the van!

We know there are special wrenches available to ensure the correct wheel nut torsion but leaving those tools aside for now, the good ol' wheel brace will do pretty much the same job.

So the lesson learnt here is: