Like most things in life, there are always plenty of things to learn about. Like water. Yep good ol’ H2O

We all pretty much take it for granted that the water here in Australia is not too bad overall.

We get used to the taste in whatever area it is we have lived in for more than a few years and occasionally moan and groan if we go from Brisbane to Melbourne about how different it all is – but it’s very safe overall despite slight taste differences.

But did you know there is actually a website called www.freewateralerts.com that you can go to and check if the water in the next town you plan on visiting has any ‘Boil Water Alerts’? – No we didn’t either but it is a great idea. Locals are usually updated via local radio or TV and newspapers.

And to help with keeping your water ‘clean’ we discovered that you really do need a water filter on the inlet to your van for both tank re-fills and ‘town water’. Your coffee will taste so much better each morning we guarantee it.

So the lesson learnt here is:

 CHECK OUT: www.freewateralerts.com