Living in most major cities we rarely think about snake bites or spiders attacking us. Probably all of us have at least a band-aid or two handy and maybe even a thermometer – especially if you have young kids. But what else? A left over bandage from a few years ago or some soothing cream for sunburn or accidents in the kitchen?

Accidents can and do happen all the time but most of us are totally un-prepared for something more than a splinter or minor scratch while out gardening right?


We’re now seeing blogs and posts (& ads!) for very extensive First-Aid kits for anyone planning on going caravanning or camping even if you don’t intend going completely ‘off-road’!

And I can see why… When we were initially ‘scoping out’ our new to us New Age OZ Classic 20ft vanawhile back... and although I’ve had plenty of experience with jockey wheels on our old van – a 16ft Viscount plus a small boat trailer – both of those had the single grip device to hold the wheel in place.

The van has a double device which is not only a bit cumbersome, but VERY dangerous – for an (at the time) newbie like me!

While trying to tighten the top ‘ratchet’ I managed to catch my little finger between that and the bottom one…

OWWWCH! – Had it been a thumb or index finger maybe not so bad… but that ‘baby finger’ REALLY hurt. MHWAAA!!

First aid?... All I had on hand was a sympathetic wife ? But some pain killers and soothing cream plus a small ‘comfort bandage’ would have gone a long way to help me over the next 3 days while the swelling went down. Oh well… I did at least have a bottle of my favourite red on hand!

UPDATE: We've since invested in a 'BOS' Jockey Wheel - Much easier and a lot safer!

There’s lots of options but this one is recommended & they also run courses.

So the lesson learnt here is: