2 Min. Tips

Some of our own 'newbie' tips along with advice & more from anyone already experiencing 'life on the road!'

Check Your Nuts Before Every Trip!

If you're like us you've probably been driving for quite a few years now. In fact we've both been fortunate enough to have also driven in several other countries including Papua New Guinea (Brian/licence) Australia, the USA, Spain, France and New Zealand.

No doubt we've both been VERY lucky with only having to change a flat tyre once in all that time!

Additionally we've NEVER ever had to think about checking if our wheel nuts were tight and ok for any trip!


Water Water Everywhere!

Like most things in life, there are always plenty of things to learn about. Like water. Yep good ol’ H2O

We all pretty much take it for granted that the water here in Australia is not too bad overall.

We get used to the taste in whatever area it is we have lived in for more than a few years and occasionally moan and groan if we go from Brisbane to Melbourne about how different it all is – but it’s very safe overall despite slight taste differences.


Living in most major cities we rarely think about snake bites or spiders attacking us. Probably all of us have at least a band-aid or two handy and maybe even a thermometer – especially if you have young kids. But what else? A left over bandage from a few years ago or some soothing cream for sunburn or accidents in the kitchen?

Accidents can and do happen all the time but most of us are totally un-prepared for something more than a splinter or minor scratch while out gardening right?


Thetford Toilet Cassette

There's so many 'how to' videos online these days but which ones really make sense?...

If you have a Thetford Caravan toilet cassette this video certainly does - especially if you need to either clean the inside completely or change a seal on it.

This video on YouTube courtesy of 'Practical Caravan'