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Welcome to the FOOD-WINE-PETS-TRAVEL plus community!… 
This website & Facebook page are all about community… big or small.

It’s a way of looking at various aspects of all the things we love in life… Food, Wine, Pets Travel plus… covering a whole range of stories for anyone either travelling around this great country of ours or maybe you’re just planning a short getaway to one of our amazing regional areas whether they be coastal or inland.

All About Food-Wine-Pets-Travel

Our stories... your stories PLUS hints and tips from the experts!

We'll be creating a variety of blogs, podcasts and videos to keep you entertained and informed while on the road or getting ready to go!...

Kaye Browne & Brian Pickering

We love telling stories.... and Food-Wine-Pets-Travel was always intended as a way of us talking about and sharing some of the things we love about life as we continue our life 'on the road' full time! 

More about that when you read the post but first we thought some background as to HOW we got here in the first place might put a few things in perspective.