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Here's a quick look at each topic…

Food Sounds obvious enough right?... but when you’re on the road you can often be limited in the types of food available or maybe you don’t have the same facilities you might have back home. Likewise you may not be as inclined to spend too much time cooking or preparing meals but you still want to eat well and eat healthily right? – So we’ll be talking to people who have either ‘been there done that’ or who have some personal tips and suggestions for the best/easiest way to make the most of what’s available – plus is it possible to grow your own food while travelling? Let’s find out!


Ok wine is not just – you know – wine!.. Of course we’ll be talking with some of the smaller and more local vineyards in regional areas but we’ll be talking about beer, home brews, and non alcoholic drinks and mixers. In particular 'special healthy drinks' for kids (or grandma or grandpa!)


So many people are travelling with pets these days (we have and will continue to do so!) but there are certain issues that need to be considered. Pet friendly caravan parks, barking/noisy dogs… leaving them alone while you go out.. signs your pet is unwell and yes.. what to do about places where pets are not welcome! Best of all we have been working in the pet and vet sector for the past 18 years or so we have plenty of great information from the experts in this field. 
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Sounds obvious enough but this section will not only look at the best and worst places to visit but also the facilities provided as well as highlights of any given area. But just as important will be hints and tips with regard to caravans such as towing, legal stuff in each state and user experiences including travelling with kids! We will be linking up with many of the caravan and camping groups to get stories from their followers too.

Plus - The ‘PLUS' part of the name.. FOOD-WINE-PETS-TRAVEL - Plus will look at things like local musicians, or community venues and activities as well as personal stories from people who have not only done something different but done something inspiring.

Of course some people listening may have already heard us on our long running national Community Radio show called Pet Talk Radio which morphed in to VETtalk Radio podcasts – in fact we still have plenty of pet and vet related stories for you to listen to which we’ll keep you updated on here via our new series in the ‘PETS’ channel!!

But what we're also saying is while we’re not new to the world of radio/TV or podcasts for that matter we ARE relative newbies in the world of caravanning or living on the road so we’ll be looking for YOUR input to help us – and others like us.

And if there’s something a little different YOU might want to hear or learn about just get in touch via our Facebook page or website.

Happy travels and happy listening…