We love telling stories.... and Food-Wine-Pets-Travel was always intended as a way of us talking about and sharing some of the things we love about life as we continue our life 'on the road' full time! 

More about that when you read the post but first we thought some background as to HOW we got here in the first place might put a few things in perspective. 

OK first up... Unlike lots of other offerings out there in the camping/caravan world  this website/facebook page etc and what we create is NOT about us. We are NOT the 'stars' - in fact we are relative 'newbies' to the world of camping, caravans and the 'mobile' lifestyle in general.

Yes we do have a past in mainstream media (radio & TV) and both of us have had various roles in that sector but that has nothing to do with what we are doing now...

You see... like most Aussies we love to travel and apart from extended visits to various Aussie locations including Uluru sleeping under the stars in a double swag - we've sampled places like Vanuatu, Fiji, Tahiti, Cook Islands etc as well as living and working in Papua New Guinea (Brian) the USA, UK, Portugal & Spain.

In fact it was while working in Spain back in the early 90's we adopted a small dog we called Picasso (of course!)

Sadly Picasso never quite made it back to Australia (he was stolen by local Gypsies) but our passion for animals was born and so in between our mainstream media work we created several pet related initiatives - one of which was Pet Talk Radio (now VETtalk) as we knew there was more to caring for pets than 'come sit & stay'... 

This show was heard on more than 50 community stations for more than 7 years and we even managed to get as a co-host Dr Harry Cooper and dog trainer Steve Austin as well as Scottish animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti.

And while that show has in itself finished its run, we moved into the veterinary sector and created VETtalk TV.  - Plenty of videos and podcasts there for pet lovers!!

Now while we have never claimed to be experts – we've certainly interviewed more than our fair share of them over the years often with hilarious consequences.

Ok.. So We've Explained PETS...

Well the 'PETS' side we've hopefully just explained above but while we were preparing to hit the road full time - having already done a number of shakedown trips in our new to us New Age OZ Classic 20 & Mu-X,  we thought wouldn't it be great to have a one-stop resource to not only share OUR stories but more importantly YOUR stories.

There are sooo many great resources out there but not in the one place. Basically the idea is that we'll write about or create podcasts or short videos with our experiences as well as share stories & tips from experienced travellers like you or qualified 'experts' in each category.

Living and working on the road - call it 'escapism' or 'nomadic' if you like - is VERY different to the 9-5 city commute/city lifestyle.

Not only will WE learn from everyone's experiences but hopefully you will too and we look forward to you joining us on our new journey!

Hope we see you on the road someday and don't forget you can send us YOUR stories too - Kaye & Brian!