Includes short video version!...
Some years ago we were fortunate to have lived & worked in Spain.

Of course the food (& wine!) was amazing but I'm not going to even pretend that this recipe comes from there but I was slightly influenced by the ingredients and its closest relative the Spanish Tortilla.

Now in our world Kaye is 'the chef' and LOVES cooking. She has a hard drive full of recipes as well as several bookshelves back in storage! - Personally I like cooking mostly breakfast - and one of my all time favourites was this one I made up from some very basic ingredients.


One of the reasons for the recipe was to try and use up the many eggs as possible 'gifted' to us every day by our chickens, Aiko, Yoshimi, Ginger & Houdini - the latter having gotten her name after the first day with us flying all around the neighbourhood!!

Some of the ingredients you can useAnyway here it is... (Short Video Version below this!)

Brian’s 'Huevos Española' - aka Spanish Eggs

+ 3-4 eggs
+ clove of garlic
+ sliced chorizo to taste
+ Olive oil and/or butter
+ Grated parmesan cheese


+ Green or Red peppers.
+ Mushrooms
+ 1/2 onion 

Note for Pet Owners:
If you - like us - sometimes serve small bits of your meals to your dog or cat, please DO NOT include onion or garlic as these can make them unwell.

Gently pre-cook the ingredientsMethod: This is for 2 people
1 - Crack 3-4 eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk until fully mixed

2 - Heat the oil or butter (I use both for taste!) in a small frypan until gently bubbling.

3 - Add the chorizo and cook until lightly browned - Halfway though cooking the chorizo add the diced onion and garlic until cooked.

4 - When ready, using a spatula, move the bits of chorizo evenly around the pan so they are not just crammed into one spot.

5 - Gently pour the whisked eggs into the pan and fry on high initially turning it down to medium heat after a few minutes then sprinkle a generous amount of the Parmesan cheese mix all over the top.

I don't like to overcook eggs so keep an eye on the heat. I also roll the moist egg mix on top around the sides using the spatular to gently prise the partially cooked mix away from the sides of the pan. This seems to help make the cooking a bit faster so the bottom doesn't get burnt.

All cooked & ready to serve!THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT...
You MUST shout Olé  - this gives the dish its distinctive Spanish blessing... of course if you prefer you could just shout 'bewdy' or 'come & get it'!

Anyway I like to serve the dish on some toast but it's just as nice without.

Of course if Chorizo is not to your taste you can use mushrooms, red or green peppers or even leave all of those out. 

Meantime we hope you feel inclined to give this recipe a go and we'd love to hear of any modifications you may make that suit you and your families tastes.