Food - the best of traveller experiences

We all love to eat right? But travelling & eating well on the road don't always go hand in hand... or do they?
This is where we'll have experienced traveller tales of the best - and worst - of eating on the road!

Adam Woodhams - Growing Herbs On The Road

Even if you're not a full-time 'nomad', growing your own herbs, spices & possibly some veggies not only adds a bit of convenience to your travels or lifestyle generally but can also help make your 'home on wheels' feel more like home.

Brian caught up with Garden & Sustainability guru Adam Woodhams to find out how we might be able to grow a few of the basics as we travel this great country of ours.

 And yes - we bought the Aldi Special Price herb garden recently - will give you an update soon :-)

Check out Adam's website here:


Kitchen Tales -  Sarah Moir -The String Family

Well they say you’re never too old to learn something new and while we're not necessarily 'old' the past year or so we've learnt an awful lot about food, cooking and storing stuff while on the road.

But what’s really been amazing is after going through everything and culling all sorts of stuff in the house, we’ve somehow managed to keep the same amount of beer & wine… amazing!

Our special guest in this episode is Sarah Moir - 'mother' of The String Family, National Busking Champions and legends in their own right.

Sarah also has an update on hubby Joel who had a very bad fall recently.


All About Wagga Food & Wine Festival

Love Food & Wine?... You'll love the Riverina BMW Wagga Wagga Food & Wine Festival 2019.
We managed to catch up with Festival Chairman David Pyke to learn a bit more about this annual event that's been going since 2002!

From their website....
The festival gives local wineries and food and dining outlets an opportunity to showcase their goods. As a stall holder, where else could you go and show off your products and abilities to over 3000 people in one day. As a patron, where else could you go and sample a huge range of food and wines as well as Yenda Beers. You will be entertained continuously as well as have distractions for your children whilst you enjoy the atmosphere.

Brian's Spanish Eggs

Includes Short Video Version by Kaye!
What do you do when you realise the cooked sliced beef you took out of the freezer for sandwiches is still lurking in the fridge cos you forgot to use it?  

Give it a new lease of life as a surprisingly tasty ‘Sweet potato topped Shepherd’s Pie’.

This is a completely 'made-up' recipe (aren't they all!) using some yummy leftovers plus a few new ingredients that created a dish that we both loved for not just one evening meal but a quick snack then next day!


Brian's Spanish Eggs

Includes short video version!...
Some years ago we were fortunate to have lived & worked in Spain.

Of course the food (& wine!) was amazing but I'm not going to even pretend that this recipe comes from there but I was slightly influenced by the ingredients and its closest relative the Spanish Tortilla.

Now in our world Kaye is 'the chef' and LOVES cooking. She has a hard drive full of recipes as well as several bookshelves back in storage! - Personally I like cooking mostly breakfast - and one of my all time favourites was this one I made up from some very basic ingredients.


Nuts 'Bolts

One of our very first 'shakedown' trips to Percy's Place at Pitt Town NSW saw us make friends with long time nomads Glenn & Trish.

Within a day or so of saying 'g'day Trish brought us some snacks to have with our 'sundowners'.

Yumm yummm was our reaction so we just had to ask her for the recipe - and here it is!