Food - the best of traveller experiences

We all love to eat right? But travelling & eating well on the road don't always go hand in hand... or do they?
This is where we'll have experienced traveller tales of the best - and worst - of eating on the road!

Kaye’s Vaguely Mediterranean Kebabs

Who doesn’t love a great kebab?  So why is it that almost all the recipes for Greek Souvlaki and Spanish Pinchos my good friend Chef Google threw at me all shared a major flaw: “combine x,y and z and marinate OVERNIGHT”.

I mean – who has time to think that far ahead.

Just because I gave in and bought half a kilo of the butcher’s special on delicious looking chunks of lamb does not mean I want to wait another day before we can eat it.  

The 'patience of a Saint' I have not.


Caitlyn Henderson - What Do Dieticians Do?
Are you confused when it comes to planning meals? It can get VERY confusing!....

Don’t eat fat, fat’s bad, don’t eat eggs, it’s bad for cholesterol levels, eat more grains, save time and eat processed foods… no wonder we’re confused – especially when the experts revealed they’d gotten things wrong – we need healthy fats to process foods, eggs are great – although processed foods are still in the bad boy camp.

One person who can help us navigate the modern-day food maze is our resident Accredited Practising Dietitian Caitlyn Henderson from ‘Healthy Lifestyles AU’ in Toowomba Qld  who was more than happy to explain what she and her fellow dieticians actually do.

Organic Food - Wendy

We’re constantly amazed at the number of solo females travelling around Australia – most of them full-time.

Like ‘Wendy’ – who we met during our unexpected but most enjoyable stay hiding out from COVID in Toowoomba last year.

Brian was particularly impressed with Wendy’s purpose-built brand new mini-bus but the conversation soon turned to food – which he’s pretty interested in too!

But as it turns out this ‘foodie’s’ interest goes beyond what most people think about when it comes to food…



Caitlyn Henderson - Healthy Lifestyles AU

With winter not far away – we’re noticing many more people are worried about how they’ll cope when they’re stuck at home with a fridge full of food and Uber deliveries only a phone call away.

Kaye managed to momentarily put our resident APD… that’s short for Accredited Practising Dietitian Caitlyn Henderson from ‘Healthy Lifestyles AU’ in Toowomba Qld - on the spot recently with this question….


Caitlyn Henderson - Healthy Lifestyles AU

Some people seem to be naturally thin – others only have to look at food to gain weight which means like us they've had a crack at all kinds of diets over the years – Weight Watchers, Israeli Diet, the egg diet – (BP says... "trust me that one has some interesting side fx phewwwww)" … and after every success… that lost weight found its way home to the hips. (sigh)
So what works?

Our resident APD or Accredited Practising Dietitian 
Caitlyn Henderson from ‘Healthy Lifestyles AU’ helps hundreds of people every year and she’s happy to help all of us all in this short chat we had recently.


We all love our food of course?... and the yummier it is the more we want to eat right? But how does the SIZE of a meal affect how much weight we can potentially put on just by eating too much or too fast?... 

Plus we also wanted to know how are people who’ve been forced to work from home due to the COVID pandemic coping with their food intake? We recently caught up with our resident Dietician Caitlyn Henderson to try and get some answers to those very questions…  


Did you know over 355,000 Australians have coeliac disease? Basically gluten makes them horribly sick. And while some people like the idea that they might feel better eating gluten free as a lifestyle thing, actual coeliacs don’t have a choice.

Like Jenni Erbel who just happens to be married to that bloke you hear at the start and end of our podcasts Col Mooney



Caitlyn Henderson - Healthy Lifestyles AU

(Cue italian music!!!)
Lasagna… macaroni cheese…  risotto… – are we speaking your language?  (KB yum)  All great foods but not necessarily the best if you’re trying to swap the fun stuff for healthier choices yet still make meals the family will want to eat.

So to get the RIGHT advice…we caught up with our resident Dietician/Nutritionist Caitlyn Henderson from ‘Healthy Lifestyles AU’ in Toowoomba, Qld.



Caitlyn Henderson - Healthy Lifestyles AU
Some people really only like to cook on a BBQ when travelling... Fatty steaks, sausages and more.

And while we'd agree that's all very 'yummy' ... apparently there are healthier alternatives that can be included.

Our resident Dietician/Nutritionist Caitlyn Henderson from ‘Healthy Lifestyles AU’ in Toowoomba, Qld helps us out.


Caitlyn Henderson - Healthy Lifestyles AU

One of the things all travellers share is a passion for food, we love talking about food, we love learning new recipes and we love eating. 

But – although anyone can escape the rat-race there’s no getting around the fact we need to eat healthy foods if we’re to avoid getting sick.  

But don’t worry – we’re definitely not the fun police and it IS possible to eat really well and not feel like you’re missing out.

How? We asked fun foodie & qualified Dietician/Nutritionist Caitlyn Henderson from ‘Healthy Lifestyles AU’ in Toowoomba, Qld what we should be doing.


Hungry Hervey Bay

Do you love discovering fabulous new restaurants with great food? We do – but like a lot of people, we thought we possibly wouldn’t find many foodie places to rave about in smaller Aussie regional areas. Well...we were wrong and you’re definitely going to change your mind too once you discover what we did – absolutely brilliant foodie photos and hilarious descriptions of the Fraser Coast’s burgeoning restaurant scene by a blogger called ‘Hungry Hervey Bay’.

We couldn’t resist catching up with the brains behind the page Lisa Porter – who’s a comparative newcomer to Hervey Bay but who always dreamed of moving from Gympie to her favourite holiday spot and as you’ll hear in this 'Podcast With Pictures' the Universe obliged…