From Classical to Karaoke!

From Classical to Karoake!

First Ever Nation Dance

Forget the internet when we all put our feet on the ground at the same time we're connected all across Australia

And that's exactly what happened, Sunday 1st December 2019 in a first ever event with Indigenous ppl leading the way by performing songs and dances from their ancestors helping to connect country.

We were honoured to be invited to share the Cairns FNQ portion of the ‘Nation Dance’ event, to see and record this incredibly positive gathering.

Here’s just a taste.... We'll have more soon


Paronella Park - The String Family

Our special guests in this podcast are Sarah & Joel Moir - 'mum 'n dad' of The String Family.

Along with their 2 kids Ashleigh & Heath they've been travelling AU for the best part of 3 years, but recently an opportunity arose that has seen them partner with Paronella Park - an amazing location with its own amazing history in North QLD for an extended musical extravaganza over the next 6 months.



Kilmore Busking Update 2019

Were you at Kilmore (75km Nth of Melb VIC) recently for the Regional Busking Championships? Well don't worry if you weren't 'cos we have a great post-event update PLUS video snippets from the event thanks to our special guest Allan Spencer from the ANBC - aka the Australian National Busking Championships™

And get ready for Narooma NSW 2019 soon! - Details in this Podcast with Pictures.


Stanthorpe Post Event

The first Stanthorpe 2019 Busking event has been and gone but it looks like they're already gearing up for 2020.

We managed to catch up with Allan Spencer - brains and ultimate organiser behind this and other busking events around the country to find out how Stanthorpe's first event went



Busking for Young & Old

Ever thought about 'singing for your supper'? It's called 'busking which a quick 'Wiki' check online tells us "Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities. In many countries the rewards are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink or gifts"

But what if you just want to practice playing in front of people for 'the fun of it'!?

And you can - especially if you get involved in one of the regional busking events across the country thanks to Allan Spencer. 

All About Busking At Stanthorpe QLD

You love music right?… so how would you like to listen to some talented Aussie musos while eating delicious authentic Italian style Food while sipping on a glass or two of local wine?

If this sounds like you then you’d better start planning to get to Stanthorpe in Qld in time for Saturday 23rd of March for the Stanthorpe Regional Busking competition.

To find out more we caught up with Allan Spencer, creator of the Australian National Busking Championships™ to learn more about Stanthorpe itself as well as what else is in store for visitors this year.

Yass NSW - Poem By Ralph Benz

The urge to travel and see this great land of ours also has side effects... Like being creative!

Ralph Benz and his wife Barbara used to actually run a caravan park but ultimately decided they'd rather be travelling having seen so many people do that and heard so many stories about 'life on the road'.

We caught up with them in Yass NSW @ the local Showground where we all stayed for a few days.
Ralph wrote and narrated this great poem which they've also made into a calendar.

2018 National Busking Championships

Were you there?....

An amazing finale to all the regional competitions held around the country.

And while we would have loved to have recorded every single act, it just wasn't possible!

But we hope you enjoy this short video compilation we've put together, with thanks to Joel Moir (The String Family) for helping us out on the day with his camera :-)


2018 Gundagai Busking Championships

Busking has always been either 'just for fun' or to 'earn a few bob' on the street doing what you like doing best - playing music.

But in Australia's regional areas, busking has become something to aspire to for local musicians - young & old - especially with the prizes and national exposure being offered.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the very first Regional Busking Championships held in Gundagai NSW in October 2018.

Gundy has a special place in history we'll look at soon.

Meantime this short 'mini-doco' looks at the event and how it all started.

#Scritchie - Melbourne Muso's Much Loved Kitty!


Well known Melbourne entertainer Matt Bradshaw loves his cat Scritchie so much he's given her a 'Hash-Tag! #Scritchie!

She was seen by the Animal Referral Hospital in Melbourne and Matt (the softie!) also sent sent some lovely thankyou notes and other pressies for them.

From Classical to Karaoke

Love Cider & good music?...

We do too and Batlow 2018 was the place to be when The String Family were the featured live performance artists for this great annual event...

Mum Sarah, dad Joel, and two teenage kids Heath & Ashleigh had been travelling the country in a caravan for the past two years but have a new gig we'll tell you about soon.

Meantime, their Batlow Ciderfest performances were amazing !