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We love travelling with pets... but some people & places don't... like National Parks or some caravan parks!
PLUS... there are other issues apart from behaviour such as vaccinations and more - This section might just have some answers for you!

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Dry Eye Boogas - Dr Barbara Fougere

Did you know your eyes produce mucus which washes away dust and other irritating stuff in the air every time you blink?  But when you’re asleep and obviously not blinking that mucusy stuff doesn’t get washed away and you end up with crusty stuff when you wake up – politely known as ‘sleep’ in your eyes or better known as eye boogers.

Our pets get it too and it’s perfectly normal… most of the time…but not always and if you notice any chances in your pet’s eye boogers you really should see your vet as your pet’s sight can be at risk. Dr Barbara Fougere from All Natural Vet Care in Sydney, who’s a longtime pal and Internationally renown Integrative Veterinarian, author and lecturer explains why.

Unwell Pets - Dr Jo Sillince

Have you ever noticed how animals are VERY good at hiding pain or showing they are unwell. This is a highly evolved 'protective mechanism' of course - no single animal wants to be the sick one in the pack/herd/flock etc...

But how can we as pet lovers tell? Are they hot, cold, off their food? Are their gums red, yellow, white or pink? How are they standing? Is there a cough? How do you know if they have a heart problem? What is their fur like?

Leading industry body 'Pets Australia' CEO Dr Jo Sillince explains some specific symptoms to look for in cats. For instance do you know what 'kidney coat' is?

As always please see your vet for ANY signs of poor health in your pets.

Hungry Hervey Bay

Have Your Say on Fraser Coast website – - with the survey remaining open until 15 January 2021. (SURVEY NOW CLOSED - We'll have an update in due course!)

Hervey Bay on QLD's fabulous Fraser Coast is a 'paradise' for tourists, nomads and holiday-makers with kids wanting to enjoy the ‘Wide Bay’s’ endless safe stretches of beach. Except if your kids have fur.

You see the only caravan parks situated right on the beachfront - and there are four of them - are owned by the local Council and don’t allow pets.

Hervey Bay councillor Jade Wellings thinks that’s not only unfair – she believes the region is missing out on valuable income because pet owners are by-passing Hervey Bay to go elsewhere to get beach-side locations – and she wants to get at least one or preferably two of the council’s caravan parks’ rules changed to allow pets.

Ok... you've decided to get up and go see Australia with or without the kids... but the 'most important' child can't be ignored right? The family dog. So many people are travelling with pets these days - dogs in particular - but the services like vets & groomers we're used to at home are not always easily available on the road.

What to do? - Especially if you have a longer haired dog like us - like Chica.... a Toy Poodle.

Now there are plenty of other longer haired breeds that need regular grooming like Dachies etc but so too do short haired breeds like Staffies or Whippets etc...

We asked long time friend and professional dog groomer Todd Clark from Morriset Dog Grooming how can travellers find a groomer they can 'trust'?

Sadie - Lost Then Found!
Whether you are travelling with pets or just 'at home' the loss of any much loved K9 (or feline or feathered friend!) is devastating.
But what was amazing is that we were doing an overnight 'free camp' at the very popular Babinda (FNQ) Rotary Park when Kaye spotted some excitement in the car park.
It was obvious 'someone' was VERY happy to see this dog again... but why? 

Age Is Not A Disease!

How's your old dog doing... ok? Got a cough or occasional limping or out of character behaviour? Could it be age related or something else?...

In this 60 second podcast with pictures... Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) Essendon Veterinary Surgeon Dr Simon Kudnig explains why age is actually not a disease 



Ticks are deadly!

A tiny dot half the size of your little finger-nail with 6 teensy legs near its head. To be honest - it's highly unlikely Hollywood would ever consider making a block-buster with the title "Tick Dundee or Tickmania or Teenage Mutant Ninja Ticks!"

Which is a pity because when it comes to killer Aussie predators, the Paralysis Tick is right up there alongside our poisonous snakes and killer spiders.

Essential Oils For Pets

Do you grow lavender at home? Do your dogs or cats love its fragrant smell?

Our 'old boy' Cosmo - (Min. Poodle sadly no longer with us) would often spend literally hours rolling in or brushing up against the rows of lavender bush in our back yard.

Cosmo was a very 'busy' dog. Always up to something. But after his 'lavender loving' sessions, he'd come inside covered in bits of purple flower, happy as anything then lay down and sleep for hours!

Sleeping With Dogs!

Do you sleep with your pet? Research shows vast numbers of us do and we laugh off the idea that their shifting, shaking, scratching and middle-of-the-night-toileting might have any effect on us.

But we shouldn’t.

A study from Johns Hopkins Medicine suggests that having our sleep interrupted is just as bad for us as not getting enough sleep in the first place.

The team of researchers used a pool of 62 healthy men and women to examine how sleep patterns affected the body.

Poo Eating Dogs!

We often get asked "HEELLP!... how can I stop my young dog eating his poo'?"...

First of all, don't be embarrassed, poo-eating better known as copraphagia is surprisingly common!

Plus dogs such as Labradors seem to be the dog world's equivalent of a vacuum cleaner... they're willing to try to eat just about anything and everything but many other breeds of dog do this too.

Chocolate Is Poisonous For Pets

“Roses are red, violets are blue... Skip the chocolate and roses…buy me catnip or liver instead!”

Pretty well most of us really love the romance associated with Valentines Day…we just know that right around the world, there are Vets and nurses gearing up to spend a less than fun-filled time, cleaning up vomit and poos around that time…

Of course nobody in their right mind would feed a pet chocolate these days right?...