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Growing Up In Stockton

There's plenty of history available about 'Pirate Point' aka Stockton, Newcastle NSW! 

And although the early days pre -1900 or so were probably a 'little rough'... growing up there in the 50's and 60's as a young kid was pretty amazing.

So amazing in fact that as kids we were probably a little 'spoilt' compared to kids of the same age in other suburbs around the country.

Why? - Well for me it was because we had unlimited access to a river, sand dunes, an amazing surf, a great 'culture' of local sport, good schools and a community that really seemed to actually like and support each other!

The String Family

You've heard of the Travelling Wilbury's right?...

But what about The String Family?... travelling full time around Australia right now... 

Two teenage kids PLUS they are all amazing musicians not only paying their way around AU by playing some great music but showing that travelling with teenage kids can have its benefits too!

This short video 'doco' reveals what life on the road is like as a travelling musical family

You can also watch their Batlow Ciderfest gig here!