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Having a WHALE of a time!

I JUST WANT TO WISH YOU ‘WHALE’… does that sound familiar?

OK - with apologies to Song-writer Bernard Fanning for borrowing part of his iconic tune “I Just Want To Wish You Well” – but truly – Winter in Australia is ALL about the whales – and nowhere are they more prolific than Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Moulin Rogue - Stage Door Theatre Restaurant - Magnetic Island

You’d be forgiven if you thought Magnetic Island in QLD’s far north was just a ‘quiet peaceful place to chill’ for a short holiday.

Well it is… except when the Stage Door Theatre Restaurant puts on a performance!

The full story is below with a short video compile of the evening we attended!

Sarina Beach Motel

Why would anyone want to leave Australia to visit some exotic island somewhere!

Ever heard of Sarina Beach in QLD?... Well it's our very own 'tropical paradise' just 35mins south of Mackay.

We spoke with the co-owner of the Sarina Beach Motel Meaghan Thompson to find out what's so special about the place and why she has 'stuck around'....

Southern Lights By Flight!  - Susan Elliott

Travel Writer Susan Elliott recently went on what she describes as "the world's most elusive lightshow and amazing journey at night that you'll remember forever!"  

Plus she reckons the coldest thing you will experience is the glass of champagne in your hand while heading south towards Antarctica and the Aurora Australis 'Southern Lights'.: More info here!: 

So what is an 'Aurora'? ... well these occur when solar winds are funnelled through gaps in the Earth’s magnetic shield at the North and South poles. As the charged winds hit the Earth’s atmosphere the atoms become "massive dancing neon lights.”

View From A Truckies Perspective

There's always plenty of 'chat' about truckies and caravaners sharing the road - or not! - but have you ever wondered what it looks like from a truckies perspective?

We had the opportunity to see the view from an actual 'big rig' as well as have a chat with an experienced truckie Peter Waugh who explained some of the things truck drivers have to deal with on a daily basis.

PLUS: - UHF Radios - do you have one... and do you actually use it?




Secura Lifestyle Magnetic Gateway Townsville

There's caravan parks... and then there's the Discovery Parks Townsville QLD in the suburb of Cluden!

We spent a couple of nights here on our way north and really enjoyed the 'community spirit' of the park especially @ 5pm 'drinkies'. (photo below/next page)

We also managed to chat with the new managers of the park and had a lot of fun chatting with some of the 'residents'.

It's dog friendly and one of the most people friendly parks we've come cross so far!

Adventure Biking - Mike McKenzie

Do you own a 4WD?... not everyone does, and while they’re fun sometimes having a big SUV doesn’t mean you can explore some of the more remote and ruggedly gorgeous regional areas of Australia where the tracks are barely wide enough for a motor bike.

Sound tempting? It certainly does to us now, after catching up with a former colleague of Kaye's, Mike McKenzie, better known as 'Macca', who’s a fabulous cinematographer and these days a passionate Adventure Bike rider.


Cardwell - FNQ

Back in Feb. 2011 a Category 5 cyclone called Yasi all but demolished the beautiful town of Cardwell in far north QLD - gateway to Hinchinbrook Island.

It's taken many years to get back to almost resembling its former self but there's still more to be done. We'll have a closer look soon at some of the issues this small community faces - meantime, we had a great couple of nights at the Cardwell Caravan Park and chatted with owner Colin Oke to find out why he loves the place so much! :-)

Solo Traveller Sue

Ever wanted to travel this great country by car/caravan but you don't have a 'partner' or close friend to do it with? Especially as a solo female?

Would YOU do it? We met up with the most amazing lady at the free camp at Jugiong NSW - Sandra who has been on the road for about 18 months now all alone - well actually she's not alone!

She travels with a small dog for company PLUS is a great communicator so manages to make many friends along the way....


Goulburn in NSW was proclaimed as Australia's first inland city by Queen Victoria in 1863 and became THE place to live or to visit, but these days it is often passed-by with many travellers racing down the motorway.

We loved our recent visit and spent several days there.

Brian caught up with a born and bred local Jacki Waugh - to find out why she thinks the town's so special.

This is a 'Podcast with pictures' -  or you can listen to the Podcast version or read the edited transcription!

Click here for the audio only version - 
Or click here to read an edited transcript!

Ken Wilson - Truck Friendly Program

It’s been almost 2 years since the Truck Friendly program was launched -  a national project whose aim is to keep both newbie & experienced travellers – caravanners especially -  safe on the road…

LOTS has happened in that time including some amazing stats on the number of people not only following the Facebook page, but really getting into the idea that we all need to continue to learn how to be safe on the road with everything from weights, to speeds and more

And with an update we had a surprise visit at our current location on the Fraser Coast from founder Ken Wilson!