The Truck Friendly Program recently created their first 'Caravan Education Poll' with some amazing results. In this 'Podcast with Pictures', Ken Wilson - passionate safety advocate and founder of the Truck Friendly Education Program - explains and comments on the results of the six questions posed in the poll.

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01:17 - Q1 - Should anyone towing anything that weighs more than 750kg require a Towing Licence? - This usually
means caravans, larger boats, horse floats etc

04:36 - Q2 - Would Towing Courses help improve road safety awareness?

07:06 - Q3 - Should there be an Australia wide maximum towing speed of 100km/h.

08:47 - Q4 - Annual weighbridge certificate to be produced on demand by police Australia wide

11:47 - Q5 - Would you like to see FREE caravan road safety workshops in caravan parks?

13:00 - Q6 - FREE internet based caravan education

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