OK… who knows how much their caravan weighs right now? And what about the total of the car AND the van. And is it loaded in such a way to be as safe as possible?

Like most things in life there are a LOT of ‘experts’ on this topic in the caravan & camping world both online and at 4 o’clock drinkies!...

For the most part, many long-time travellers often have some good advice… but not always. Especially when it comes to understanding caravan towing weights.

ATM, GTM, GCM, TARE MASS, TOW-BALL WEIGHT, …even highly qualified experts we’ve met agree all those acronyms make weight limits VERY confusing – and even though we’ve weighed our own car and van at public weighbridges across the country and everything seems to be ok…but is it really?

So when an opportunity to video how a professional mobile weighing service actually measures a car and caravan’s weights to get precision results… we jumped at the chance... and learned lots!

To see the full report PDF from Weight Safe, click this link: