For Christmas this year, instead of 'the kids' visiting us in Sydney, we thought we'd make the trip to Melbourne to be with our 6 and a half yr old yr old grandson, daughter and partner to spend a week or so in Warburton VIC for Christmas.

Lookout Brisbane & Darwin - we haven't forgotten you guys either!

But before that, we had another Christmas 'event' to attend. The New Age Tribe (now called the New Age Caravans Social Club) Christmas gathering in Goulburn in the first week of December. More on that soon!

(c) Goulburn PostAnd while we had driven back to Sydney through Goulburn from a recent trip to Henty - (another New Age Tribe gathering), we hadn't really stopped to appreciate this rather lovely 'country town'.

In fact Kaye commented that it reminded her of her hometown Oamaru in New Zealand. Old sandstone buildings, some amazing parks and gardens and people 'friendly as'.

Goulburn PubOk so maybe this is not the most 'definitive' post about Goulburn however, we highly recommend it as a place to come and visit even if only for a day or two.

In fact we recently did a short Podcast with Jacki Waugh - born and bred Goulburn local to find out why she loves the place so much!

Gotta go to Goulburn!

UPDATE: As of February 2021 the New Age Tribe is now known as The New Age Caravans Social Club