Goulburn in NSW was proclaimed as Australia's first inland city by Queen Victoria in 1863 and became THE place to live or to visit, but these days it is often passed-by with many travellers racing down the motorway.

We loved our recent visit and spent several days there.

Brian caught up with a born and bred local Jacki Waugh - to find out why she thinks the town's so special.

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Jacki thanks for joining us on the Food-Wine-Pets-Travel podcast...

We're trying to find out what's so special for locals who have lived in various regional towns for many years - Now you're a born and bred local - what's so special about Goulburn for you - what keeps you here?

Well as you said I was born and raised here... probably about the fourth generation living in Goulburn and my husband Peter, he's probably about the same. Both of us born and bred here and all
our families live here and - well I just love living here. We don't want to go anywhere else!

It's a sensational place. I mean in a nutshell tell us what are the the big attractions that everyone should know about.

OK, so I just say to people that Goulburn's so central to a lot of places like Canberra, the coast, Sydney - you can get anywhere. We're on a main highway - well close to - and it's not far to go anywhere like airports or larger cities like Sydney or even Melbourne.

And if you want to go shopping in Canberra for instance... of course there's plenty of great shopping here too of course.

Ok - So in the early 1900's one of the Royal Queen's I can't remember whoever it was said that Goulburn was the first inland city here in Australia? (see - I did my research!) But most people these days would probably associate the Big Merino as being 'Goulburn' right? - but aside from that what are some
of the other quirky things about Goulburn?...

well there's lots of things here to check out. There's a lot of heritage buildings plus we've got a
lovely waterworks and the Rocky Hill Museum. Plus a lot of outlying little towns that connect to Goulburn like Crookwell, Teralga, Gunning - and you easily drive to them for a little day trip at anytime really.

There's nice vineyards to visit on the way, some very good eateries plus lots of interesting & different bits of shopping, crafty markets... you know, just different things you won't see in the big cities.
And there's plenty of places to stay as well like motels and pubs and bed & breakfast - Oh and there's the show grounds as well and three caravan parks.

There's also a very nice restaurant at the bowling club plus we have two other clubs - the RSL and the workers club and they both have catering too!

And that's great because the people we're talking to are looking at different places to
go and reasons to go and discovering places such as Goulburn. Ok - so we've got food and wine and travel covered but what about pets? Are there any leash free areas people travelling with their pets can go to?

Yes - actually the council's come on board with that and have recently built quite a few leash free areas around town which is really great. We also have a lot of sporting fields too where people used to take their dogs so having these new off-leash areas now means we keep the sports fields clean so our kids and everyone else can enjoy them!

So Goulburn has a lot of sport?

Yes absolutely! In fact there was an indoor hockey event here on the weekend and we have lots of sporting fields as I mentioned plus cricket and... well you name it we do it!

Hmmm - well you've convinced me - so last question... are you gonna stay here in Goulburn for awhile?

(Laughs) Yeah till I die!


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