Is this the 'ULTIMATE' sea/tree change?

While many of us have already started the 'big journey' around Australia whether for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years & more... some people have already made the move to downsize not only as far as house sizes (& mortgages) are concerned but as a way of making a complete lifestyle change.

And you don't have to be 60+ to do it either according to our longtime friends Lee & Jarred.

Both of them had successful careers in Sydney, a house full of pets which have moved with them to a rather unique and some might say 'remote' location here in Australia...

Lee & Jarred have in fact been quite pro-active in their new 'local community' as you will soon discover.

Learn more about this amazing 'paradise' 

Please Note:

Phone reception at this location is not the best so Lee & Jarred suggested they go outside - Guess what?...
It's always windy here so you might here the odd 'pff' etc :-)

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