As members of the New Age Caravan owners 'club' called the New Age Tribe, we recently recorded one of the 'Happy Hour Zoom Chats' and the results have been very positive!

This short 'Podcast with Pictures' gives an insight into the most recent one followed by an update from Bryan himself about the postponement of the Henty 2020 catch-up and 'life in isolation'.

We had some great comments which have been recorded and we're madly trying to put some of the best ones together as a 'video replay' soon!... soon as we can finish editing it! :-)

Re; My (FWPT) video background...
Yes the background is actually our view from the van. I added this in as a 'virtual background' photo (which you can also do when using ZOOM!) 'cos the light was all washed out sitting outside so I thought this looked better.
Remind me to comb my hair next time pls otherwise Kaye said she'll put it into pigtails!!




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