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Ken Wilson

Have you ever watched the news and noticed a caravan rollover or an accident involving a truck and caravan?

Sadly they’re more common than you’d think – which is why we’re keen to promote a new FREE site and service which will help both newbies and long-time travellers to check their weights plus learn more about how to help make the highways easier for the hard-working truckies who’re delivering the stuff we need to survive.

Someone who’s passionate about this is Ken Wilson who you‘re going to hear a lot more about because he ‘s set up a free service to encourage people to be more aware of all the other vehicles on the road called the Truck Friendly - road safety program

Brian caught up with Ken to find out more...


Henty 2020 Postponed
As members of the New Age Caravan owners 'club' called the New Age Tribe, (now called the New Age Caravans Social Club) we recently recorded one of the 'Happy Hour Zoom Chats' and the results have been very positive!

This short 'Podcast with Pictures' gives an insight into the most recent one followed by an update from Bryan himself about the postponement of the Henty 2020 catch-up and 'life in isolation'.

We had some great comments which have been recorded and we're madly trying to put some of the best ones together as a 'video replay' soon!... soon as we can finish editing it! :-)

Re; My (FWPT) video background...
Yes the background is actually our view from the van. I added this in as a 'virtual background' photo (which you can also do when using ZOOM!) 'cos the light was all washed out sitting outside so I thought this looked better.
Remind me to comb my hair next time pls otherwise Kaye said she'll put it into pigtails!!


All About Henty 2020
Back in 2018 Bryan & Lyndel Crow organised a major get together called 'Henty 2018' for the New Age Tribe. - an Aussie brand caravan club for New Age owners. (now called the New Age Caravans Social Club)

Lots of great educational stuff, discounted products and plenty of social catch-ups plus learning all about 'off-grid' camping.
This year Henty 2020 promises to be even bigger and better as Bryan explains in this short 'Podcast With Pictures' 
Low on bandwidth? - you can listen to the audio only version here. 

UPDATE: As of February 2021 the New Age Tribe is now known as The New Age Caravans Social Club

Healing Art Therapy
After finally selling their house in Bendigo VIC, Robyn & Pete Robinson hit the road running with their much loved pooch Paddy. Both do occasional work on the road to help the budget but recently Robyn was offered an opportunity in a very remote part of Australia - Aurukun - a mostly indigenous town just a short 13.5hr drive from Cairns FNQ or 44hrs from Melbourne!

Robyn is a qualified teacher and Art Therapist and is no stranger to working with indigenous people. She also has a great website called Kajeet -  - where you can find out more about Art Therapy and its healing qualities.

In this short podcast we managed to have a quick chat with Robyn to discover more about how they got on the road and WHY she is now off to Aurukun and what she'll be doing there with the local indigenous population - something she is very passionate about.

Living The Dream
Ever wondered what doing 'The Big Lap' is like? So many people - young & not so young - are on the road these days and with social media you can almost join someone on their journey with plenty of photos & videos. But how many really share their thoughts via a podcast?

Today we're chatting with Graeme Morris who - with his wife Sue have been documenting their multi thousand kilometre journey online with hundreds of great photos and plenty of selfies.

Graeme also talks about the good bits and the not so good bits especially in some of our dying drought stricken regional areas. So sit back, relax (or if you're driving stay focussed on that road) as we share 'Living The Dream' with Graeme Morris.

PLUS: Check out Graeme's amazing Facebook Photo Album here: 

Cardwell - FNQ

Back in Feb. 2011 a Category 5 cyclone called Yasi all but demolished the beautiful town of Cardwell in far north QLD - gateway to Hinchinbrook Island.

It's taken many years to get back to almost resembling its former self but there's still more to be done. We'll have a closer look soon at some of the issues this small community faces - meantime, we had a great couple of nights at the Cardwell Caravan Park and chatted with owner Colin Oke to find out why he loves the place so much! :-)

Secura Lifestyle Magnetic Gateway Townsville

There's caravan parks... and then there's the Secura Lifestyle Magnetic Gateway Townsville QLD in the suburb of Cluden!

We spent a couple of nights here on our way north and really enjoyed the 'community spirit' of the park especially @ 5pm 'drinkies'. (photo below/next page)

We also managed to chat with the new managers of the park and had a lot of fun chatting with some of the 'residents'.

It's dog friendly and one of the most people friendly parks we've come cross so far!

Truck Friendly Program

The Truck Friendly Program has officially been underway for almost 12 weeks since its official launch at the 2019 Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow.

And while we've already had a couple of chats with the brains behind this great initiative Ken Wilson, we decided to pay him a personal visit in his hometown of Bundaberg QLD to find out how things are going.

We'll have more soon!

Lee Kernaghan

Love his music?... so do we and we were honoured to have Aussie country music legend Lee Kernaghan support the Truck Friendly program.

Check out Lee's website for tour dates:  

Truck Friendly Program

As a caravanner, saying you're travelling on the road full-time is one thing... But the reality is that all those trucks behind you or in front etc are in fact the real full-time travellers - They do it for a living to feed families and put roofs over their heads.

And while some of us might not like it, trucks are here to stay!... But an initiative of Bundaberg resident Ken Wilson is set to change how caravanners and motorists in general – understand how best to co-exist with trucks while on the road, making it safer and less stressful for all of us.

We managed to get this exclusive chat with the founder of the Truck Friendly Program prior to its launch at the 2019 Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow.

ShitBox Rally - Graeme Morris

Have you ever heard of the Shitbox Rally?... it's a very Aussie name right? but it's also a very genuine rally with a great goal - to raise much needed funds for cancer research... In fact the rally from Perth to Sydney is in its 10th year and this year the rally is over a 10 day period with a fund-raising goal of $2million this year alone!

We managed to catch up with one of our new roving reporters Graeme Morris who just happened to see the rally drivers in the middle of Australia while he and his wife Sue were on their way to Coober Pedy!