This section is NOT just about Aussie wines but beer and non-alcoholic drinks plus drinks you can make for the whole family!

All About Wagga Food & Wine Festival

Love Food & Wine?... You'll love the Riverina BMW Wagga Wagga Food & Wine Festival 2019.
We managed to catch up with Festival Chairman David Pyke to learn a bit more about this annual event that's been going since 2002!

From their website....
The festival gives local wineries and food and dining outlets an opportunity to showcase their goods. As a stall holder, where else could you go and show off your products and abilities to over 3000 people in one day. As a patron, where else could you go and sample a huge range of food and wines as well as Yenda Beers. You will be entertained continuously as well as have distractions for your children whilst you enjoy the atmosphere.

Even though the title of this post might sound a bit 'rough' surprisingly 'cheap' doesn't have to mean gross!

For many people 'having a drink' is just that. A chance to relax, enjoy some 'chill time' either eating dinner, maybe reading, writing, chatting by the fireside or yes... even watching TV!

And whether you buy wine by price, brand or taste, as long as YOU enjoy what you are drinking and of course, drink it 'responsibly' then that's all that matters right?